When we asked for name suggestions for this E-newsletter, WOW! did you come through! We’re pleased that 360 alumni submitted a total of 568 names! We had a great time reading them. Here are a few that DIDN’T make the cut (but we appreciated them nonetheless!):

“Illinois State Reggister”
– Clever!

“Another Dose of Normal”
– “Dose”? What, your college experience was like medicine?

“The Vidette for the old and infirm”
– Hmm….. Well, unfortunately we thought some younger alumni might take offense to that one.

“Redbird Rantings”
– Uh. . . doesn’t that sound a bit violent?

Two names we thought were hilarious, but we did wonder what you were saying about the quality of our content:

“Givin’ You the Bird” and “Bird Droppings”

Still, the one submission that most cracked up the staff was from the alum who, when asked what we should name the newsletter, suggested simply:


Hey, it is a name! Thanks, Joe, for that laugh. Now, for the TOP TEN, culled from the long list by the Alumni Services staff and the alumni volunteers of the Alumni Association’s Communications Committee:

(in alphabetical order)

The Beakon
Bird Bits
The Bird Feeder
‘Birds On The Wire
The Birdword
Illinois State E-lumni NewsNews from the Nest
Redbird Reader
Redbird Review
ReggiE – News

Vote for your favorite today! One vote per alum, please, by replying to this message or E-mailing isualum@IllinoisState.edu Please visit the Illinois State Phonebook or call (309) 438-2111 for contact information BY SEPTEMBER 1ST!

We’ll announce the winner in the next issue, scheduled for September.
After that, the E-newsletter will become bi-monthly (every other month) as long as there’s news to send you!