QUESTION: “Dear A.S., my ISU diploma got damaged in a house fire. How can I get a replacement?” — Anonymous, Chicago

ANSWER: Anonymous, we’re so sorry to hear that — but glad we can help.
The Office of the University Registrar can replace diplomas for very nominal fees for loss, damage, name change, etc. They can also provide replacement diploma covers (the red padded cover provided at Commencement).

They have conveniently put all the details on getting replacements online at

QUESTION: “If I sent a current photo of my family, would you post it for my friends to see, and where?” — Peg Chure ’82, O’Fallon, Illinois

ANSWER: Peg, your question is quite timely. Beginning in May, YOU can post a photo of yourself and/or your family to your personal profile in the Alumni Online Directory. That’s one of the fun new features of our soon- to-be-upgraded Web site! We confess, we’re using your question to tantalize everyone. Be sure to keep checking the Alumni Web site for the new “roll out,” decide on your favorite photo, and get ready to show fellow alums how much you’ve changed!

QUESTION: “[A previous] E-lumni News mentioned that there are 148,426 alumni. About how many receive the E-lumni News?” — Joe McDonald ’94, Normal

ANSWER: Hi, Joe. We’re not surprised that an actuary would send in this question asking about the numbers! (Hint, readers — we know Joe; he’s an alumni volunteer.) And a good question it is. The last E-LUMNI NEWS went to 33,220 E-mail addresses, or just over 22 percent of our alumni. Which brings up a good point… Recent studies indicate that probably 80 to 90 percent of our alumni have E-mail — we just don’t yet have their addresses. In these times of tight budgets, E-mail is an inexpensive way for us to communicate with alumni. So please, help us out and remind any of your friends and fellow alumni to send in their E-mail addresses!

PS — After the December graduates joined us, we’re now at 149,576 living alumni!