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ASK Alumni Services

QUESTION: Hi, Alumni Services. I just graduated in May and I am wondering if I get to keep my ISU E-mail address? Can I get free E-mail as an alum? — Carolyn L. ’03, Chicago

ANSWER: Congratulations, Carolyn, and welcome! For new alumni, the University will allow you access to your student E-mail account for up to four months via Webmail. Notices will be sent to the account when it’s about to expire. As for free E-mail for alumni: We formerly offered a version of this service that did not get many users and so was discontinued. HOWEVER — we are beginning to explore some additional options to allow graduates an Illinois State alumni ‘affinity’ E-mail address. Stay tuned!

QUESTION: I read about alumni chapters in the alumni magazine, and I’ve received mailings about chapter events. How do I become a member of the chapter in my area? And, do I have to be a member to attend an event? — Mickey Silbeloc ’96, Lombard

ANSWER: If you live in an area where an alumni chapter has been established, Mickey, you are automatically considered a member of the chapter and should receive communications from the group at least once a year. If you wish to receive all the chapter’s communications, you may contact the chapter representative listed on the group’s Web page. Of course, all alumni are welcome to attend any chapter or regional event (unless indicated otherwise, which is rare), whether it’s in your community or even in another state. And bring a friend!

QUESTION: Whoo hoo! My son is going to Illinois State in the fall! I’m so excited for him. But this will be my second in college and we sure could use some extra financial assistance. Does the Alumni Association offer any scholarships for my kids? —Anonymous ’74, Mattoon

ANSWER: Hey, congratulations, Anonymous! You’re a legacy family! In fact, there is a scholarship you’ll want to look into for your son: the Student Alumni Council / Marion H. Dean Legacy Scholarship, for the son or daughter of an Illinois State graduate. The application deadline is September 2nd, so take a quick look at the Scholarships Web page. Good luck!