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Contest Results: Words of Wisdom for New Grads

In response to our call for your “words of wisdom” to give some good starting-your-life advice to our newest graduates, more than 40 of you wrote in to share your thoughts. Here is just a sampling:

“What I wish someone had told me was: It is VITALLY important to contribute to your 401K, 403b, and/or IRA FROM THE VERY FIRST PAYCHECK, not after student loans are paid, or next year, or at some time in the future. The power of COMPOUNDING of investments is one concept I left college WITHOUT!”

Rosemary A. (Lohnes) Timke
’67 Elementary Education
Retired school administrator
The Villages, FL

“Integrity is one of your greatest assets — don’t lose it. Whether you’re teaching grade school, running a small business, raising a family, or working in a large corporation, you will be measured by your integrity. . . .”

Jeff Ricketts
’83 Applied Computer Science
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Services, SBC Communications, Inc.
St. Charles, IL
“The best part of your life just ended. Now hurry, GET TO WORK!”

Tim Finn
’88 Management Information Systems
Account Executive, Liquid Container/Plaxicon
Orland Park, IL

THANKS to everyone who submitted something. And CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of the Alumni Association golf shirt: Don Schaffer ’78 of Roswell, Georgia!