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QUESTION: “So, what does it cost for tuition and fees at ISU these days?” — Steve Derby ’88, Chicago

ANSWER: Well, Steve, that depends on whether you’re a returning student or an incoming one. Recently the Illinois General Assembly passed a “truth in tuition” bill requiring state universities to guarantee a new student the same tuition rate for four years.

For the 2004-2005 year, according to a recent press release, ”new students taking a 15-hour class load each semester will pay $6,090 in tuition and mandatory fees annually . . . [That amount will be] locked-in for four continuous academic years, or longer for undergraduate programs that take more time to complete. Continuing full-time students will pay $5,340 annually in tuition and mandatory fees. Tuition and fees for new out-of-state full-time students will be $11,316 annually. Full-time (12 hours per semester) graduate students will pay $4,776.” For more information, read the entire press release from May.

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