QUESTION: In response to last issue’s article on the In Exchange (School Street project) dedication, we received the following: “What is the idea behind the name In Exchange? Why that name? I’ve always wondered.” — Darrel Sutter ’60, M.S. ’68, Normal, Illinois

ANSWER: Hi, Darrel. Good question! In short, that was the artist’s name for the project. According to the booklet Campus Art: A walking tour of selected artwork on the campus of Illinois State University (2003), alumni artist Dann Nardi ’76, M.S. ’78 “… describes In Exchange as ‘a location of shared property of both man and nature, an enduring timeless exchange of relationships between the two.’ ”

If you would like a copy of the booklet on campus art to read about other sculpture and visual art placed around campus, please e-mail Julie Goodlick in Alumni Services.

In a related follow-up, you may be proud to know that, in August, In Exchange was honored with a 2004 Community Beautification Award from the Town of Normal.
QUESTION: “How many graduates were there in May?” — Anonymous, Bloomington, Illinois

ANSWER: Just about 2,600 graduates became alumni this May. Of course, when we count December and August graduations, we gain closer to 5,000 new alumni each year. As of this writing, our total number of living alumni is 159,409.

Note to new graduates: Welcome! Be sure to check out our New Graduates Web page.