QUESTION: “I graduated last year. One of my friends was given a really neat key chain with the University seal on it. She said she got it from the Alumni Association. How can I get one?” — Sonja Drewan-Tenneta ’03, Dawson, Illinois

ANSWER: The Alumni Association and the Illinois State University Foundation present the key chains as welcome gifts to graduating seniors. They are distributed at each semester’s “Grad Finale” where seniors sign up for graduation services.

Each key chain has a unique ID number that must be registered to its owner. Then, if the alum loses his/her keys and a good Samaritan drops them in a U.S. mailbox, they are returned to the Alumni office and we contact the owner. Just another service we provide to our alums. . . .

Since you missed getting yours, Sonja, please e-mail Linda Brown in Alumni Services to get one. Other alumni, if you received one but it has been lost or broken, replacements are available for $5.00.