The inaugural issue of Alumni News caused technical difficulties for some alumni and friends.

The Alumni News sent to you should come with pictures and color, but some e-mail systems will only allow for viewing text.  Those of you using Hotmail as your e-mail program were not able to access the provided links.  Some of you thought the screen font was too small.  Others noticed that once you clicked on a link from the e-mail program and went to your Web browser, you could not return to the Alumni News.  Others had trouble finding the Web version of Alumni News.

After consulting with the technical experts at Illinois State, we have some solutions for you.  If you experience difficulty reading Alumni News in your e-mail program, increase your default font for your program.  This should allow each e-mail you get to automatically adjust for your specified font size.  The same solution can be used for your Web browser.

For ease in accessing each link for all of the Alumni News items, we have extended the feature pages to include the complete left-hand navigation bar.  Once you click on any item from the e-mail page, you can access any feature story from within your Web browser.

We have worked to ensure easy readability for those users who can only view the newsletter as text.  We have also made the Web site version choice more prominent and easy to find.  It will be one of the first things you see at the top of the Alumni News when you open it in your e-mail program.

We are experiencing limitations providing Hotmail users with a graphical version of the Alumni News and are working toward finding a solution.  Hotmail users may find using the hyperlink at the top of the newsletter more useful.

If you have new problems, or the solutions don’t work for you, please let us know by e-mailing us at  We will continue working on the technical difficulties until we find a way that allows all Illinois State University alumni to easily read and enjoy the monthly Alumni News on the last Monday of every month.