Illinois State University was listed in seven areas of the newly released American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) list of top producers of teachers in the nation among the 780 member AACTE institutions.

Illinois State was the top producer in the Elementary Teacher Education (551 teachers) and Special Education (178 teachers) categories, ranked second in History Teacher Education with 62 teachers, third in Social Studies Teacher Education with 58 teachers, fourth in Mathematics Teacher Education with 27, fifth in English Teacher Education with 40 teachers and sixth in Educational Administration and Supervision with 28 teachers.

“Illinois State was charted in 1857 to meet the needs of our state for high quality teachers,” said Dean of the College of Education Dianne Ashby. “The recent rankings of Illinois State among AACTE members across several disciplines reflects the University’s continued determination to provide our state, and our nation, with the teachers needed by our children and their schools.”

AACTE is a national voluntary organization of colleges and universities that prepare the nation’s teachers and other educational personnel. Located in Washington, D.C., AACTE is the leader for innovation in teacher education. The 780 members include liberal arts colleges, state universities and research institutions and various education organizations. Combined, the member institutions produce more than two-thirds of new school personnel each year.