Illinois State University President Al Bowman and Vice President Dianne Ashby along with other administrators recently traveled to Thailand to renew relations with Thailand universities and to visit the 130-member alumni chapter.

“I was proud to present the University seal to our Thailand alumni chapter, and I know they were equally proud to receive it,” said President Bowman.  “We have some incredible business, government and academic partnerships in Thailand that truly underscore the global nature of our institution. It was my honor and pleasure to help represent Illinois State.”

Vice President Ashby was gratified to renew ties and establish new ones with the predominately education graduates.  “Our Thailand alumni have so many varying roles in their country, with many in positions to further education in Thailand,” she said. “We at Illinois State are so proud of their myriad of accomplishments since completing their education at Illinois State.  I hope to hear more about their personal and professional accomplishments in the next decade, and we hope to see a delegation from their chapter at our sesquicentennial next February.”

To view photos from the trip, click on Thailand.