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Half Century Club and Class of 1956 celebrate with reunion and induction

More than 130 alumni and guests gathered in May for the annual Half Century Club spring reunion. All alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago are automatically members of the club and were invited to attend. A pictorial collage is available for viewing at the Half Century Reunion Web site.

Graduates of the Class of 1956 were inducted as the newest Half Century Club members. More than 30 members from the class celebrated their 50th reunion.  A photo album of the event is available at the 50th Reunion Web site.

Graduates of the classes of 1951, 1946, 1941, 1936 and 1931 were honored for their landmark reunions. The event showcased the Mennonite College of Nursing and included a tour of the college’s teaching facilities in Edwards Hall.

Dorothy (Ford) Benjamin, Bessie (Brannon) Johnson and Frances (Bailey) St. John celebrated their 75th reunion as members of the class of 1931. Winfield Bates, Polly (Smith) Benten, Dorothy (Anderson) Coyne, Jennie (Logue) Harner and Eleanor (Stover) Peden are all 1936 graduates who celebrated their 70th reunion.

Celebrating their 65th reunion from the Class of 1941 were Margaret (Stover) Dady, Jim DePew, Edith (Harmon) Friedrich, Fayetta (Samuel) Isaac, Lyle King, Violet (Hachmeister) Larney, Arlene (Lester) Rhoda, Clarence Richardson and Gladys (Moore) Williamson.

Members of the Class of 1946 who returned for their 60th reunion were Margaret (Breen) Beck, Doris (Gardner) Butler, George Cross, Esther (Morris) Funk, Cherry (Jackson) Kingston, Ken Miller, Ruthelma (Benjamin) Wankel and Margaret (Stipp) Woodfill.

Angeline (Kenyon) Burnell, Ken Curry, Audrey (Miller) Grubel, Betty (Saylor) Holmes, Betty (Wilson) Knuckles, Ruthirene (Mentzer) Sciutto, Verna (Peterson) Springer and Jacqueline (Fenton) Vail from the class of 1951 celebrated their 55th reunion.