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Gift of art is a labor of love

Tom Kendall and his ceramic U-High seal

University High School and College of Fine Arts graduate Tom Kendall ’71, M.S. ’73, is a renowned artist who creates unique sculptures and vessels using wood, metal, and porcelain that are then decorated in leaf patterns. His talent is now on display at U-High, as Kendall created a seal for the school.

“Making the piece was an enjoyable experience because it allowed me to recall my youth and the time I spent in high school,” Kendall said of the 36-inch porcelain and bronze seal. Kendall’s sister, Meredith ’73 and her husband, Tom Lovelass, funded the bronze center of the seal, which was presented during the high school’s September homecoming events.

“The quality of education at U-High and Illinois State was first rate, and the friendliness of the community had a transforming effect on us all,” Kendall said. “I hope this seal will make a small improvement in the atmosphere of the school and bring a feeling of pride to the students who notice it, for I myself am proud to have been a student at University High School.”

Now a resident of Plainwell, Mich., Kendall owns a studio and continues to create his distinct oak leaf pottery. His work is showcased in myriad collections, including the Smithsonian Institute. It is available in galleries and shops across the country.