(October 10, 2006) The final report of the Special Education Assistive Technology (SEAT) Center’s collaborative work with the Heart of Illinois Low Incidence Association (HILIA) and Don Johnston, Inc., regarding the effectiveness of SOLO® software on the writing outcomes of students with disabilities is now available from the National Center for Technology Innovation. The study investigated outcomes for students with learning and academic disabilities when tech-savvy teachers were given professional development and access to the SOLO software.

This important study potentially impacts education practices nationally, and reflects the leadership role of the SEAT Center in preparing future education professionals to effectively use assistive technology with students with disabilities.

The SEAT Center at Illinois State University is a community of people working together to help individuals with disabilities realize the democratic ideal through assistive technology (AT). The SEAT Center focuses on teaching preservice and practicing professionals the skills they need to meet the technology needs of people with disabilities through instruction that is practical, “hands-on,” and performance-based. Instruction provided at the SEAT Center emphasizes developing competence in both AT and other types of technology (e.g., instructional technology and adaptive equipment) that can improve the education and quality of life for persons with disabilities. For more information, please contact the SEAT Center.