Front row left to right: Stephen Lau, Henry Chuen-Hang Lee and Anthony Auyeung. Back row left to right: Ringo Chiu, Alex Leung and Peter Pi Tak Cheung.

When Henry Chuen-Hang Lee left Hong Kong to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics at Illinois State University, he might not have realized that he would become an ambassador for the University.

Lee not only graduated from Illinois State, he also worked in Admissions and Records for more than 10 years and was the faculty advisor for the Hong Kong Students Association.  In 1980, when Lee was visiting Hong Kong, he formed the first Hong Kong Chapter of the Illinois State University Alumni Association with the blessing of the Office of Admissions and Records as well as Alumni Services.  The chapter welcomed, provided assistance and entertained Illinois State presidents, administrators and visiting professors. It also took on the role of liaison for new students leaving Hong Kong and applying to Illinois State, with members supplying information and encouragement to the prospective students.

Student Affairs Vice President Steve Adams said “Henry Lee is and always has been an extraordinary ambassador for ISU. He came here in the early 1960s to get an education, and, as the years passed, he gave back to this University ten-fold. His insight in technology and student information was used wisely to the benefit of students during his years here in the Office of Admissions and Records. When he left Illinois State, there was a tremendous void. He has, however, always remained loyal to Illinois State and continues to promote his alma mater to people world-wide. Henry is a very special person.”

Lee’s last position was at Ohio State University as senior associate registrar, a position he retired from after a long career in higher education.  This past Christmas, Lee received a card from Chi Hung Leung ’78, MBA ’80 and his wife, Linda Hoon Ming Leung M.S. ’79 with information about some alumni who had returned to Hong Kong.  Lee corresponded with several of them, and when he visited Hong Kong in January, many were able to get together.

“We were all thrilled to see one another,” said Lee. “We had so much fun reminiscing about the old days, classmates, professors, campus life, the small college town community and friendships we formed so far away from home.  We all have fond memories of our Illinois State University years.  It was gratifying to see and feel the genuine pride and affection for our alma mater.”

The group included Stephen Lau MBA ’78, Henry Chuen-Hang Lee ’68, Anthony Auyeung MBA ’85, Ringo Chiu, M.S. ’86, Alex Leung MBA ’81 and Peter Pi Tak Cheung M.S. ’79.