In February of 2007, Illinois State University began its year long celebration honoring its legacy of preeducators for over 150 years. “It starts with education”at Illinois State University is not only the College of Education’s theme this sesquicentennial year, it is a statement about the value of education on this campus;on the lives of our past, present, and future students; and on the reach of our programs across the state, the nation,and around the globe.


From the very beginning in 1857, this wonderful institution has maintained a deep and abiding commitment to preparing outstanding teachers and school leaders to serve the schools of this state and nation. As the first public university in Illinois, the founders of this “grandest of enterprises” focused on this same important theme: preparing educators who were dedicated to making important contributions to the future education of our citizenry. Along with educator preparation plans, the founders were visionary in their creation of our fine university laboratory school system that continues today. Read more of the Statewide Standard