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Listen to the Illinois State University oral history audiocasts

During this sesquicentennial year, the Illinois State University Oral History Project recorded and archived the stories of 17 administrators, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have been significant in the life of the University.  The product of the 150th birthday celebration is now online as a Web site at Oral History Podcasts.

Visitors to the site can listen to the interviews, read the transcripts and see photos and brief descriptions of the interviewees.

The anecdotal information and insights interviewees offer about the changes and evolution of Illinois State that they experienced will be invaluable for people seeking a deeper understanding of Illinois State University today and in the future.  In one interview, the grandson of Illinois State President David Felmley and his wife describe little-known aspects of the man who headed the University a century ago.

A printed, bound, indexed version of the Oral History Project will be placed in the University Archives and Milner Library later this year.