In a few short weeks, alumni will receive a special e-mail from the Alumni Relations Office.  The Alumni Relations Office at Illinois State University is working with Performance Enhancement Group, Ltd. to administer an electronic survey to alumni seeking opinions, preferences and priorities that will guide the work of the alumni office to improve services and support for alumni from their alma mater.

The online survey has been administered to over 70,000 alumni representing 90 colleges and universities through the Alumni Attitude Study. The responses from Illinois State alumni will be compared to this national database to help us better understand how Redbird alumni are the same and/or different than what other alumni report. Such data will be of great assistance in helping to direct the work of the Alumni Relations staff and others who attempt to serve our alumni in important and creative ways. Results from the survey will be shared with alumni in the fall.

Questions concerning the survey can be answered by contacting the Alumni Relations office at (309) 438-2586 or by e-mailing Annette Levitt.