By Norris Porter, COB Director of Development

As Director of Development for the College of Business it is my role to connect and engage alumni and industry partners with the College of Business as well as cultivate funding in support of the mission, vision and academic programs for the College. A theme this year for the College of Business is “connections.” Our goal is to help alumni reconnect with each other and the College of Business. Keeping our alumni connected is a critical component to our ability to engage them in supporting the College.

As a first step in developing our alumni network, the College now has a Linkedin group that business alumni and friends can join as well as a presence on Facebook. As of today we have 264 members in our Linkedin group and the number continues to grow steadily. LinkedIn is similar to the social networking sites  Myspace and Facebook, only it’s focused primarily on professional networking. We need as many faculty as possible to join our Linkedin group so that alumni can connect with you. Setting up a LinkedIn account is free and easy.

Once you’re a member, you can join our group by going here:

COB Group Page: