Since starting my new role as Director of Development I have been busy meeting with the Leadership Team and Center Directors to determine the most critical funding needs for the College. Here is a short list of priorities:

  • Operating Funds/Technology & Software/Access to Research Databases
  • Salary assistance (enhancement) for faculty recruitment/retention (summer support for research)
  • Technology/Hardware replacement and recapitalization
  • Funding for international initiatives, including the International Business Institute and faculty/student travel
  • Student Scholarships and Awards
  • New Program Development/enhancement
  • Unrestricted dollars for the Dean to allocate for the most pressing needs of the COB (Dean’s Administration Fund)
  • Permanent endowed dollars to fund institute activities

With over 31,000 living alumni it is impossible for one person to contact everyone. I hope you will think of development and stewardship as something that we all need to embrace and  participate in. Working together we can build a strong alumni base with a positive attitude toward financially supporting the COB.

A recent survey of ISU alumni revealed that they want to know how the equity of their degree has increased and how it will continue to increase in the future. The concept of “giving back” is a motivator for ISU alumni in giving financially. The more that we can keep alumni connected… the more likely they are to financially support our programs.

Keep me informed about the alumni you meet and those that you think may have capacity and a heart for financially supporting the COB and University. It takes time to bring an alum to the point of giving back financially, but building strong relationships and connections are critical to the process.

Finally, keep in mind that strong brands attract the best students and faculty, more donated dollars, more media attention, more research dollars and more strategic partners. Strong collegiate brands also generate more alumni support and positive word of mouth marketing.

Thanks for all you do! The College of Business at Illinois State truly is an amazing place for students to study and  learn the art and practice of business. Through each of you and your support, we will continue on our path to greater distinction.