Stevenson Hall (above), Turner Hall (below)

Illinois State University has added a $2.8 million Infrastructure Enhancement Project to the original $23 million life-safety work at Stevenson and Turner Halls. The new project will include new windows, window frames, curtain walls, entrances, exterior doors and restrooms in both campus buildings.

The $2.8 million project will necessitate a revised moving plan for College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) faculty and staff. The former plan was to move CAS faculty/staff back into the first and second floors of Stevenson Hall this summer as all of the original life-safety work will be completed by June 19, and to move CAST faculty/staff into the vacated offices in Williams Hall.

Since the majority of CAS faculty/staff will remain in their temporary Williams Hall home as the additional work is done in Stevenson Hall, Illinois State is arranging a move for the majority of CAST faculty/staff into two houses at 302 Normal Avenue and 305 N. School Street, the Bowling and Billiards Activity Room and leased modular facilities that will be located on Normal Avenue in one of the campus parking areas. The modular facilities will house approximately 27 faculty and staff members in private offices with handicapped access and restrooms. Most of the moves will be accomplished by July 17 to allow the expanded Turner Hall project to begin.

For more information, visit the Facilities Planning Web site at and click on the Construction Updates Stevenson & Turner Renovations.