It is my pleasure to introduce you to the latest issue of the Statewide Standard. I am confident readers will be intrigued by the futuristic look we are taking on the evolution of education. In reality though, I believe you will find that the future is already here, alive and well,in the work of the College of Education at Illinois State University. Within these pages, you will read about how our faculty and staff are establishing a vision for teacher and school leader education that no longer is limited to the four walls of a brick and mortar classroom.
My colleagues in the COE and laboratory schools are taking a leap into the future with a sound realization that the students we teach today expect no less from us. The features you will read in this issue describe an educational environment where students are learning, socializing, and communicating in the “cloud” (internet). The educators you will read about are boldly engaging these digital natives in their own familiar surroundings. These educators are taking up the enviable task of facilitating the transmission of information, the cultivation of understandings, the .. Read more of Statewide Standard