After many years of teaching business in the community college and university setting, Glenn Bailey ’67 has decided to help students outside of the classroom as well. He now teaches business courses at Illinois State, and has started an annual scholarship fund for an ISU student as well.

Bailey started a similar fund at a community college where he worked previously, and in the process realized how much the money is needed. He wants the Illinois State scholarship to target someone who needs financial help.

“The student should have a solid academic record, but not necessarily the highest GPA,” he said. “Since I want the scholarship to open doors for people who might otherwise experience difficulty staying in school, I would also like recipient to show financial need.”

After taking some business classes in high school, Bailey knew before he got to college that he wanted to be a business teacher. “The emphasis which Illinois State has always placed on preparing teachers and on good teaching definitely enhanced my preparation to become a teacher,” Bailey said. “Illinois State graduates were the only teachers in Illinois who were prepared to teach business courses in all K-12 grades, and that this is still true today.”

The most influential people in Bailey’s career were his major professors. He had many classes with them, and got to know them very well. Bailey felt that he had been well-prepared for the professional world, and that he made a comfortable transition from the University to leading his own classroom. He noticed upon his return to teaching that much has changed in the classroom.

“Definitely the biggest change is the technology infrastructure that is available for classrooms today,” Bailey said. “Having electronic copies of assignments and support materials provides a great benefit for expanding learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. I remember having to make carbon copies of my lesson plans while student teaching.”

One thing that has not changed is the atmosphere. When Bailey transferred to Illinois State the first thing he noticed was the friendly campus, and it has left a lasting impression.  Today that same caring environment is one of the things he still likes most about Illinois State.

He also appreciates the University’s commitment to lifelong learning, and the chance he has to continue growing himself while working with ISU students. “Just when I think I have witnessed everything, something new will occur,” he said. “The field of education is continually changing, and very little change should come as a surprise.”

Bailey is happy with his career choice, and likes the combination of the business and education aspects of his job. He is able to keep up with the corporate world, and infuses what he learns into the classroom to create a more realistic atmosphere for his students. The decision he made in high school to become a business teacher is still the right choice.