Illinois State University is proud to announce a new slogan, STATE your Passion. STATE your Passion continues Illinois State University’s reputation as a place where students can build an academic foundation to pursue their professional goals. By offering individualized attention to nurture the goals and dreams of students, Illinois State is able to uniquely position itself as a place where personal missions and passions can be developed.

It is not just students who can state their passions. Alumni have been profoundly affected through their interactions with Illinois State. How has the University touched your life? Was it a favorite professor, class, or building? Were you involved in a student organization or some other part of the campus community? How did Illinois State help you to grow into the person you are today? Go to and tell us about your Illinois State passion. You can also spread the word about STATE your Passion with the suggestions below.

Here are just a few:

Amy Vito, Junior

horticulture/business administration

Amy Vito is a junior from Chicago, who came to Illinois State to study horticulture and business administration. At the same time professors helped fuel her academic passion for plants, Vito was gaining confidence and experience outside the classroom. “ISU has truly given me an outlet and a way to express myself. I found my niche in the residential government groups on campus. I grew from a shy, nervous freshman to a confident vice president of the residence halls. I love the opportunities ISU has given me to grow and make a difference in the residence halls, our home away from home.”

Mike Berninger, Junior

biochemistry/molecular biology

Mike Berninger is a junior majoring in biochemistry/molecular biology. Illinois State’s program gives Berninger the opportunity to partner with professors as an undergraduate, which gives him invaluable experience in a field he can’t wait to enter. “I just love the biology of how things work. I love the combination of what makes a protein and what proteins do. I want to go into the medical field, so biochemistry is a great foundation.”

Kedric Meredith, Senior


Kedric Meredith is a senior accounting major who has maximized his degree work by completing two internships. He worked a semester at COUNTRY Financial in Normal, and another with KPMG in Chicago. He enrolled on a full scholarship as a member of the Redbird football team. “I’ve been happy at Illinois State,” Kedric said. “I am getting a great education at a great school with a great College of Business, and I’m playing for a Division I team in a great conference. The most important thing about it is that I represent the University.”

Now, what’s your passion?