The Illinois State iTunes U site has been officially added to the iTunes Store. There is a fairly rigorous approval process prior to being accepted by Apple into the Store, and the University is now among the select group of colleges and universities listed on the iTunes U tab of the iTunes Store.This inclusion means that users no longer have to visit the local iTunes U launch page ( to reach the public site on iTunes U. They may simply navigate from within the iTunes U tab to the list of colleges and universities and find Illinois State on the list. More importantly, it means that the public content on the iTunes U site is now searchable by anyone in the world who visits the iTunes Store.

The iTunes U working group has worked to make this happen over the past year or so, adding over 600 tracks on the site. The University would like to see many more take advantage of this resource to share classroom and informational material, promoting the University to the Internet at large.

Any staff or instructors interested in iTunes U may join the working group’s listserv, which can be found by clicking on ITUNES-L and then clicking on the people icon to join.

For more information about iTunes U in general, start with the University Computer Help Desk’s article, which leads to many more articles on specific aspects of iTunes U.

Also available from the Help Desk is an overview article on campus options for posting content.