President Bowman is challenging Redbirds to come together and enhance the Student Fitness and Kinesiology/Recreation Building. Funds raised will be used for maintenance and equipment for the climbing wall, and to build a bouldering wall. When the building is finished, President Bowman, who is a seasoned mountain climber, will go head to head with the student body president in a race up the wall.

The climb for the top ends March 16, so don’t delay. Make your donation of $10, $20, or $30 today. When put together, small donations from many people combine to make a big difference. Your donation could even help your favorite student organization win an awesome prize. Go to to show your support and find out how you can spread the word.

You can also add to the challenge by putting the word out there:

  • Send links to your friends and people in organizations that you belong to
  • Notify your friends through Twitter
  • Post an image to your Facebook account
  • Download desktops for your computer