The 2009 issue of News & Views, the annual alumni newsletter of the College of Business, won the gold medal for institutions with enrollments of 20,000 or above from Higher Ed Marketing.

The Education Advertising Awards, formerly known as the Admissions Advertising Awards, is the oldest, largest and most prestigious international advertising awards competition, with over three thousand-five hundred entries submitted last year from every state in the country and multiple foreign countries.  A panel of industry specialists reviewed each piece, judging creativity, marketing execution and impact of message.  Awards were given for several categories of marketing materials.

“My reaction? Total surprise, since I didn’t even know our newsletter  was entered into the competition!” said writer/editor Amy Humphreys, Assistant to the Dean for Constituent Relations.

“Although I write the majority of the magazine, much of the credit for the award goes to Jon Robinson for the elegant graphic design work he does that unifies the separate stories into a visually appealing publication.  Each year Kate Arthur contributes a wonderful feature article and interns help develop the alumni updates, so we all share in this recognition,” Humphreys explained.

More than 30,000 copies of News & Views are sent to alumni and friends of the College of Business each year in September. You can see past issues of the newsletter by clicking >>>>>>>