The University Health Education Coordinating Council (UHECC) is accepting funding request applications for the 2010 program period. Consideration is given to faculty, staff and students of Illinois State University for new initiatives, which may be considered pilot programs or previously unfunded efforts.

UHECC was established in 1989 to address University-wide health issues that impact all members of the campus community by bringing together faculty, staff, students and community members who provide direct programs or have an expertise/interest in a specific area.

Special consideration will be given to projects that impact the greatest number of people in the university community served. The number and amounts of rewards will vary, and will be awarded on a one-time basis; they are not intended to provide for on-going program support.  Funds cannot be used for payment of any payroll expenses and must be used for the expenses specified in the application.

If awarded, funding recipients must follow the following program guidelines:

  1. Acknowledge University Health Education Coordinating Council (UHECC) as a funding source in all printed and Web-based promotions as well as at all activities, events, and programs funded by UHECC.
  2. All printed materials are required to use paper with 30% recycled content, and soy ink.
  3. Submit a brief summary of the program and evaluation results to UHECC upon completion of the program/project.
  4. Complete all funded projects/programs by April 9, 2010.  All funds not billed or utilized by this date will be redistributed for other projects/programs.

To apply, submit the UHECC Application Form, and the proposal request form and all supporting materials (brochures, program booklets, etc.) for your project/program to UHECC’s Chair. Recipients will be notified of UHECC’s decision within 30 days of proposal submission.