The state of Illinois is mired in a budget crisis that is taking a toll on every entity that receives tax dollars, including universities. Illinois State is not immune to challenges resulting from the state’s financial woes, however, the University is positioned well to weather the storm.

Beyond delays in receiving state dollars this fiscal year, the University is looking at a budget reduction of approximately $5.3 million for FY2011. The total budget anticipated is $79.5 million.

President Al Bowman credits many factors for the ability to avoid furloughs, layoffs, and budget reductions that have been implemented at many of the state’s public universities.

A healthy enrollment and tuition revenue is one reason Illinois State is standing strong. In addition Bowman has worked closely with Illinois State’s leadership team in recent years to build operating reserves that are now being used.

Other action taken to manage the reduced budget includes foregoing merit-based salary increases for faculty and staff, continuing a nonfaculty hiring freeze, and deferring when possible large expenditures on equipment and maintenance projects.

Illinois State is committed to providing students with an excellent education despite the loss of state dollars. Donor support is crucial and appreciated. Alumni can get involved by making a donation online. Go to to help your alma mater through this difficult budget year.