Webmail will be replaced by RedbirdMail on Friday, June 18.

RedbirdMail is the new web-based solution for email at Illinois State University. RedbirdMail is available at https://redbirdmail.illinoisstate.edu/.

RedbirdMail is also the new email channel in iCampus. You can access RedbirdMail in iCampus by going to https://iCampus.IllinoisState.edu/.

Webmail is currently available at http://isuwebmail.ilstu.edu/. Once Webmail is taken offline and officially replaced by RedbirdMail, the Webmail web address will take you to RedbirdMail.

  • Email – You have access to the same email in RedbirdMail that you had in Webmail.
  • Address Book – You have access to the same address book in RedibrdMail that you had in Webmail.
  • Filters – Your Webmail filters will not be moved to RedbirdMail. (You may request a copy of your Webmail filters by contacting the Help Desk.)

Webmail address book contacts were moved to RedbirdMail on June 10. Your email and address book are also available in iCampus because RedbirdMail is the new iCampus email channel.