The Illinois State University Board of Trustees today approved a revision of the tuition and mandatory fees policy to comply with the amended Truth in Tuition Act.
In 2003, the Board implemented the Truth in Tuition legislation, guaranteeing new students their tuition and fee rates would remain constant for four years. Illinois State also allowed for two additional years at tuition and fee rates established two previous academic years in order to mitigate the financial impact on students who continue enrollment after the four-year original tuition and fee guarantee is completed.
The General Assembly recently amended the Truth in Tuition Act to provide for a maximum of two additional years for students whose initial tuition guarantee had expired at a rate not to exceed that charged to undergraduate students enrolling the following academic year after the expired student’s initial enrollment.
An example would be an undergraduate student enrolling in a four-year degree program in fall 2006, who would be guaranteed the 2006 tuition and fee rates through summer 2010. With the amended policy, the student would be charged at the fall 2007 rate for the next two years, starting fall of 2010 and ending summer of 2011.