Keep an eye on the mailbox, as the August issue of the alumni magazine will be arriving soon. In this issue of Illinois State you will find the following features:

  • Academics are the priority at Illinois State, but Athletics is integral to the campus experience. Nobody understands the impact and potential better than Athletics Director Sheahon Zenger.
  • Alums returning for Homecoming are in for a surprise when they wander from the Quad. What used to be Downtown is now Uptown, with many former student hangouts renovated or replaced.
  • With the campus built around rich farm land, the Department of Agriculture is a vital Illinois State program. Much has changed since the first courses were offered a century ago, yet an ag degree has never been more valuable.
  • Some take college for granted, while others walk a rough road to get their degree. Charity Mendoza falls into the latter category as a high school dropout and mother of six who will graduate this semester.
  • Also included, check out our special spread on Homecoming 2010 highlights and information