Illinois State does not receive state dollars to operate its Intercollegiate Department of Athletics, unlike other Illinois public universities. Aside from student fees and a small allocation from the University’s income fund, Athletics operates solely from revenue generated through ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, and private donations.The Redbird Club (TRC) is the fundraising arm of Illinois State Athletics, and the lifeblood of scholarship dollars for 400-plus athletes. TRC donations are used for room and board, books, and other fees covered by scholarships.

Scholarship costs for the 2010-2011 academic school year have been budgeted at $2.7 million. Private dollars also provide a foundation for future athletic success via facilities upgrades.

Every gift helps secure the financial stability of Redbird Athletics for years to come, as endowments allow for student-athlete scholarships to be funded indefinitely. For more information about the TRC or the Endowed Scholarship Program call (309) 438-3803 or visit