Illinois State University’s Board of Trustees today approved the FY2012 appropriated funds operating budget request of just over $87 million and the capital appropriations request of $251 million.

The requests were based on the University’s strategic plan, Educating Illinois 2008-2014, and the Illinois Board of Higher Education budget priorities. The operations request is $87.1 million, $7.3 million more than last year’s appropriation of $79.8 million.

The FY2012 Capital Budget request is $251.5 million, with five major capital improvement projects ($250 million) and one capital renewal program ($1.5 million). The University identified the projects by using several planning activities to establish the request, including Educating Illinois, The Campus Master Plan, the Energy Management and Utility Infrastructure Improvement Plan and the Gregory Street Property Land Use Plan.

The Milner Library Rehabilitation would include the addition of 140,000 square feet for needed book stacks, study areas, library processing and support spaces and high-density storage areas. It would also include an addition for computer areas for retrieval of information and conferencing areas. The remodeling would also address the development of student study areas, construction of staff work areas and the reconfiguration of all shelving on each floor to accommodate accessibility.

Mennonite College of Nursing is currently located in Edwards Hall, which opened in 1920. Since becoming part of Illinois State in 1999, the College has seen its student population double in size, causing Mennonite to be over capacity in Edwards Hall. There is no room for building addition or expansion, and the current equipment is outdated and lacking new technology. The program, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs, is ranked among the top nursing schools in the country. A new minimum 60,000 square-foot building would be constructed for Mennonite, and minor adjustments made to Edwards Hall to accommodate future occupants.

The College of Education facilities rehabilitation will address the demolition and replacement of Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School and the remodeling of DeGarmo Hall. Metcalf has space in Fairchild Hall/Rachel Cooper building, which is problematic for security and safety issues for children. The facility is too small, outdated and doesn’t meet the programmatic standards for the laboratory school. The mechanical systems need to be replaced, and the lighting and fire alarm systems need to be upgraded. A new Thomas Metcalf School would provide a more appropriate setting for a school serving K-8 grades. DeGarmo Hall would undergo significant remodeling, including upgrades to the interior spaces, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components and the data/telecommunications network.

University High School is currently housed in a 1965 building, which is outdating and aging. The geographic location on campus has poor vehicular access and less than adequate outdoor space. The project calls for construction of a 200,000 square foot building, which would be 50 percent larger than the current facility. The facility would include modern classroom and office spaces as well as support spaces.

The Williams Hall renovation would rehabilitate the 69-year-old former library building. The former library stack structure in the center of the building would be dismantled to allow for better use of the space and natural light to filter through an interior light court. Remodeling would correct code deficiencies, remove asbestos, replace the windows and roof and upgrade or replace the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.