Join an Alumni Network!

Just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean you have to leave ISU and all of your friends behind. Check out all of ISU’s Alumni Networks and stay connected!

Alumni Networks serve as an important link between the University, other alumni, and your friends. Beyond providing opportunities for alumni to interact with each other and stay involved with ISU, they help the future of ISU by recruiting new students and providing the University with financial support. Alumni Networks are created based on many factors, including professional industry, region, ethnicity, and stage of life. Check out some Alumni Networks below and see the Alumni Association webpage for more information!

Regional Alumni Networks

Capital Area Alumni Network (Washington, D.C.)
Chicago Northwest Alumni Network
Chicago West Alumni Network
Chicago Young Alumni Network
Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Alumni Network
Denver Area Alumni Network
Orlando Area Alumni Network
Peoria Area Alumni Network
Phoenix Area Alumni Network
Seattle Area Alumni Network
Thailand Alumni Network

Other Alumni Networks

Agriculture Alumni Association
Alumni Band
Alumni in Finance Network
Black Colleagues Association
College of Business Alumni Network
Mennonite Nurses Alumni Organization