Welcome to the College of Education’s special issue of The Statewide Standard focusing on the topic of education reform. As you make yourway through the issue, I hope that you—the voice of alumni and friends of education—consider contributing to the dialogue on education that is taking place in our nation’s capitol and in our own backyards. If you believe that school should be a place where every child is welcomed, valued, and successful then now is the time to join forces with capable and compassionate others who, like you, fearlessly challenge the issues of inequality that exists today in public schools across the nation.

At Illinois State, we believe that democracy in public school education is our mission. And, Realizing the
Democratic Ideal is the framework for how we will get there. This framework was built upon our deeply held
belief that all children can learn and embodies the commitment of our institution and its graduates to serving each and every child in the schools of this great state and nation…
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