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Sohair Wastawy, Illinois State University Dean University Libraries

Former Library of Alexandria Chief Librarian interviewed by national media during recent Egypt crisis.

ISU Dean of Libraries, Sohair Wastawy

Being a resource for news analysis in relation to Egypt came about because of my recent affiliation with the Library of Alexandria where I served as the Chief Librarian for the past 6 years (2004-2010).

During my tenure there, I acted as the spokesperson for the library on the national and international levels.   As such, I was interviewed by media outlets around the world from BBC, NY Times,  CNN, Discovery and History channels to French, Spanish, Argentinean, Chinese, and many other TV stations.

Usually media people reach out to the individuals they know most and that how some of the national media contacted me. Being one of the few Egyptians at Illinois State University, local media reached me on the second day of the revolution, also, my association with professional organizations, with their knowledge as a seasoned professional with roots in Egypt, facilitated the contact.

  • Radio Interviews:
    • WJBC
      • “Egyptian Native at ISU: They’ve Taken Abuse for 30 Years” Interviewed by Eric Stock. 31 Jan. 2011.
      • Interviewed by Susan Almeida
        • 29 Jan. 2011
        • 12 Feb. 2011
    • WGLT
      • “Egypt Protest” Interviewed by Charlie Schlenker. 28 Jan. 2011.
  • Television
    • WMBD News 28 Jan. 2011


congratulation Mrs . Wastawy ,
I was a student when you visited us in BAU 2009 .
I'm planning to move to USA with my husband to continue my graduate studies there , so nshalla I'll try to visit you and remind you of myself .

Can I have your email address ??

Thank you

in reply to Tala Issa

Tanks for the comment Tala. I have passed your note on to Dean Wastawy.