Sodexo, a foodservice provider for 600 campuses, lists college food trends for 2010 compared to popular foods a decade ago. Comfort foods are still in but students are expanding the list of feel-good foods to include world cuisine, such as Mexican stew. College kids are also more open to vegetarian options, with favorite dishes changing depending on geographic region.

Midwest: Homestyle roast beef
South Central: Red beans and rice
Northwest: Classic carved turkey
Mid-Atlantic: Chicken pot pie
Northeast: New England clam chowder
Southeast: Traditional meatloaf
Southwest: Fish tacos

Apricot-glazed turkey
Meatloaf with frizzle-fried onions
Vietnamese Pho (rice noodle soup)
Vegetarian lentil shepherd’s pie
Chicken adobo (Mexican stew with chilies)
Stuffed pork chops
Vegetarian jambalaya
Lemon herbed baked tilapia
Rotisserie chicken
Pot roast

Fruit and cottage cheese plate
Chicken nuggets
Turkey tetrazzini
Chicken chop suey
Egg, bacon, and cheese English muffin
Taco bar
Spanish beef and rice
Vegetarian bean chili
Algerian lamb stew