While thousands of talented individuals have graduated from Illinois State University, only a handful have had the kind of dynamic and lasting impact on others as Jim Tyree ’78, M.B.A. ’80.  A member of the College of Business Alumni Hall of Fame, Tyree’s death from stomach cancer at age 53 has resulted in a wave of accolades, praise and saddness. Positive, highly successful and ever humble, he was the quintessential Redbird success story.

“I had the opportunity to work with Jim on several occasions related to Illinois State projects and initiatives,” said College of Business Development Director, Norris Porter. “His eyes always lit up when he reminisced about his time on campus. Jim described his ISU experience as spectacular. His approach to his education was to search out the hardest professors and he found the greatest opportunities as a result. He believed the secret to success was working with great people and leading by example. We have lost a great Redbird and will miss his passion, leadership and spirit.”

Tyree had a long and significant commitment to Illinois State University including service on the Illinois State University Foundation Board. In 2009 he was the Business Week keynote speaker. Wandering the stage and weaving powerful lessons into a series of stories about his college and career experiences, Tyree won the hearts and minds of his audience through his self-depreciating humor and wisdom.

“Jim Tyree was an inspiration to our many fine graduates in the College of Business.   He was a proud Illinois State University Redbird and leaves a legacy of positive achievements in his business career.  When I think of Jim Tyree, I think of his smile and his thoughtfulness and those special human qualities that gained him thousands of friends, supporters, and admirers, said College of Business Dean Scott Johnson.

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