NBCTS Making a Difference- 2002 NBCT, Frank Tomaszkiewicz

After serving active duty in the Navy and upon the completion of his un-dergraduate work on the GI Bill in 1974, Tomaszkiewicz began teaching at William Hadley Junior High School in Glen Ellyn, IL. While there, he designed an Art Technology instructional program that became the first Ca-reer and Technical Education program in Illinois used for middle school students to focus on the Communications and Arts industry cluster. This Visual Arts program has gone on to become the longest continuing annual touring exhibition of middle school student art in the nation and over-seas. Applying technologies used by Hadley Art Technology students, Tomaszkiewicz designed and taught eight different professional develop-ment graduate classes at Benedictine Univer-sity. His courses contained strands connecting student learning with Accomplished Teaching and information about NBPTS standards and candidacy. Published abstracts of his work can be found in the American Journal of Art Edu-cation and the Journal of the International Society of Optical Engineers. As an NBPTS provider for high-need schools in the West 40 area of Cook County, Tomaszkiewicz testified in support of NB as improved student learning for the Illinois State Board of Educa-tion. He was certified in 2002 and is currently renewing his NBPTS certification.

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