Position Title: Information Systems Internship

[Note: this internship does not qualify for IT-398 Professional Practice credit]

Company: The Ritchie Law Office, Ltd.

Full time/Part time: Part time

Internship /Temporary/Permanent: Temporary


Overview: The Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. is seeking a person with Information Systems experience for a short term database automation project. The candidate would help the firm maximize the use of its existing law firm management software system — Prolaw. The candidate would help create an information system available within Prolaw so that the firm can use merge fields and documents templates to automate the production of legal documents and other law firm related tasks. The candidate would work directly with firm management in designing and implementing this new information system.

Project Description/Tasks: The Project would require the candidate to perform the following tasks:
1. The Candidate would have to familiarize him/herself with the firm’s existing Prolaw software. The firm has written materials, webinars and a Prolaw customer service available to assist the candidate with learning the Prolaw software.
2. The Candidate would work with the firm’s attorneys and staff in understanding the documents and other processes that the firm needs automated.
3. The Candidate would work with firm management and staff to design and implement a firm-wide information system through Prolaw.
4. The Firm’s management and staff would provide the candidate with Word documents that the candidate would turn into Prolaw templates. These templates would contain standard and customized merge fields that are linked to the firm’s Prolaw database.
5. The Candidate would test the document template and merge fields to make sure they worked properly before being used by firm’s attorneys and staff.
6. Once a series of document templates have been created, the candidate would work within the Prolaw software to combine these templates in “to-do” lists for higher functioning automation of legal tasks.
7. The candidate would assist management in training the law firm attorneys and staff on how to use the new Prolaw automation templates and procedures.

Additional Information: The Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. consists of two attorneys and two legal assistants. The office is located at 2205 E. Empire St., Bloomington, Illinois 61704. The Candidate would be working with all of the attorneys and staff of the firm with this project. Candidate would have a computer and office provided at the law firm while working on this project. This is a paid internship. Candidate would work approximately 20 hours a week for 10-12 weeks. The firm is flexible on hours and start/end dates of internship.

Interested candidates should e-mail a resume and cover letter to:
chad@ritchielawoffice.com attn: Chad A. Ritchie