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Cardinal Court project advances through demolition work

The campus landscape has changed markedly with the demolition of Cardinal Court.

Built in the 1950s to house students with families, the units were no longer adequate. The University opted to make way for a public-private housing initiative, which will open in August 2012 just northwest of campus.

“This is an important first for Illinois State University as we create new partnerships to continue to provide attractive, modern and cost-effective living spaces for our students,” President Al Bowman said.

University staff will manage the new complex, which will include indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, and spaces for studying and gathering. The 800-bed complex will have apartment-style units with several different layouts and varied rental structures.

In addition to ample parking, the complex will also be served by Redbird Express, Illinois State’s bus transportation system. Students will have access to the main campus via an enhanced pedestrian walkway with lighting, seating areas, and emergency call boxes.


As a grad student who lived in Cardinal court in the early 1970 it was adequate but not pleasant. My wife and I had two school age children, all the other residents of our Cardinal court unit were young married students who were into late night parties and a different life style. This was difficult for us when our school age children had to get up early to go to school and the young marrieds had arranged their class schedules so the day started much letter. With this nice new facility, be certain to have a place for students who have children that is separate from the young married couples who can enjoy a much different life style.

This is very depressing! CC was my home for years when my mum was a grad student and even though i dont live there anymore, i will miss the place
age 13

Cardinal Court brought back a lot of memories of 1969 - 1970 when my wife and I first had a 1 bedroom in building N and later a 2 bedroom in building O. Errant golf balls from the driving range west of the buildings broke windows on occasion. The buildings in all their concrete block construction's majesty, were quality, affordable housing for married students and their families. I hope the new housing will be as affordable and convenient as CC was to me and many other married students.