When Emily Kabbes ’06 met Josh Kauten ’06 walking to class one day from Wright Hall, she didn’t know he would share her passion and steal her heart.

Emily was an elementary education major, while Josh was in the exercise science and fitness program. Although they had no classes in common, they eventually did an assignment together.

“Emily was working on a paper at the Karin Bone Athletic Study Center and she somehow lost the computer copy,” Josh said. “I stayed at the study center with her for a few hours helping retype the eight-page paper.”

They came to find that they both shared a love and aptitude for sports. Emily played volleyball and Josh played baseball for Illinois State. They began dating. They cheered each other on at games. Their relationship became stronger with time.

“We dated for six years before we got engaged, so we got to know each other very well,” Emily said. “After college Josh played professional baseball, so the time we spent in a long distance relationship made us realize how important our relationship was.”

The two married in July of 2010. Many of their Illinois State comrades were there to support them. Reggie Redbird even made an appearance.

They now reside in Normal and are never far from the field of sports. Emily teaches kindergarten in Unit 5 and is also the head volleyball coach at Central Catholic High School in Bloomington. Josh is the pitching coach and fitness and recreation center coordinator at Heartland Community College.

Illinois State remains significant to Emily and Josh because they found not only a wealth of friends but each other. “We wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for ISU, especially ISU athletics.”