Letters to the Illinois State editor for May 2011:


To the Editor,

As I read the alumni memories (“Dining Haul,” February 2011), I was immediately brought back in time to one of my fondest memories—1967 at Hamilton Hall and 1968-1970 at Hewitt Hall when I worked in the dorm cafeterias as everything from dishwasher to line server to the very-desired position of “condiment girl!”

While our food was good then (we especially loved the cheese sauce for veggies), it wasn’t the food that made my remembrances so treasured. What made it so special was the camaraderie of all the workers, students like myself. We became a huge group of good friends, many of whom remain close still. This special group—probably more than 100 people by senior year—were there for each other. We dated, we cried on each other’s shoulders, we played cards on rainy days, and we partied heartily!

After graduation we attended weddings, a couple funerals, and reunions around the state. Even 40 years later, I cherish those bonds of friendship, all created in a college cafeteria.

Thank you for the article that brought it back to life for me!

Judith M. Henzel ’71


To the Editor,

I read with interest your comments about Paul Rosene (February 2011, Where are they now?). He was a leader for the exceptional child but I remember him as a Chenoa High School band director who was an exceptional teacher and human being. He made a difference in and touched so many lives.

Marcia Baker ’63


Jay brought the Stanley Cup to ISU Homecoming 2010. What a thrill for Central Illinois to share in that stellar Blackhawk winning season! I am so glad our ISU magazine staff chronicled his career. Thanks and job well done!

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Patty Jarrell ’75