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Physicist honored with University Professor title

Physics Professor Q. Charles Su has been named University Professor, which is a rank that honors faculty members who are nationally recognized scholars and teachers.

Su is a computational and theoretical physicist specializing in laser-atom interactions. The co-director of ISU’s Intense Laser Physics research group, Su has obtained external funding of more than $1 million and shared the 2006 Prize for Faculty Research in an Undergraduate Institution given by the American Physics Society.

Su and Distinguished Professor Rainer Grobe discovered a new form of atom called cycloatoms. Su’s research group has expanded into theoretical and experimental study of laser scattering in biological materials. The work has potential for application to noninvasive medical imaging of tumors.

Su has more than 120 refereed articles with many in the flagship physics journal, the Physical Review. He referees for eight major journals and three agencies. He has presented at international conferences and research institutes in 16 countries. His students have coauthored more than 50 refereed journal articles, and presented at national and international conferences.