NBCT Certification RENEWAL
If you are in your eighth or ninth year as a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) and certified in 2002 and 2003 it’s time to begin the certification renewal process (2011-2012). By renewing your certification, you can demonstrate that your professional practice remains consistent with the high and rigorous standards for your subject area. For an overview of the National Board Renewal Process read Certification Re-newal, and Renewal at a Glance . Look over the Certification Renewal Calendar to find the dates that apply to your renewal. Though the National Board Resource Center at ISU will not be providing Renewal ses-sions this year, it does provide Jumpstart into Renewal Activities on the NBRC at ISU website. Renewal Jumpstart Podcasts pro-vide resources and activities to support you as you explore the materials and plan to develop you Profile of Professional Growth (PPG). The Renewal support materials in-clude Podcasts, handouts, and links to NBPTS materials. The Podcasts give NBCTs the opportunity to review the NBPTS website materials and the NBPTS webinar to learn about the logistics and requirements. NBCTs should update their personal infor-mation on My Profile using your User Name and Password. NBPTS will be able to con-tact you if your information is kept up-to-date.

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