The August issue of Illinois State is headed for mailboxes. Check out these features:

Behind the badge: The intrigue of a career as an FBI special agent is something most can only ponder, but not Bill Matens ’67. He lived the adventure for nearly 30 years, serving during the time that the nation began to track terrorists. One case among his many was the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Enslaved no more: Lorenzo Pace, Ed.D. ’78, is an artist whose work teaches concepts of slavery, emancipation, freedom, and compassion. He reaches young audiences with his book, Jalani and the Lock, inspired by his family’s journey. He speaks to the nation with a 60-foot sculpture erected in New York City as a monument to the enslaved population of Manhattan.

Tossing the chalk: Since it’s start Illinois State has prepared teachers for the challenges of the day. Superintendent Don White, Ph.D. ’04, puts technology at the top of the current list, as educators must connect with techno-savvy students. He leads the way in demonstrating how schools can transition from the chalkboard to the laptop with minimal pain and huge benefit.

Judging the jury: LaDonna Carlton ’78, M.S. ’81, knows that even the best lawyers can’t win a case without the best jurors for a specific trial. Her ability to identify individuals sympathetic to a given case—which made national headlines during the O.J. Simpson trial—has forever changed the way juries are seated. 

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3 thoughts on “Next alumni magazine prepares for delivery

  1. Christine Shelton says:

    I am so thankful that I had a great stay in ISU! Problem is i dont’ remember many of my peers while at ISU! Problem is that I recently found out that I have Multiple Sclerosis! Not easy for me, especially with a husband and 3 kids! But, I do relish my time at ISU! Not able to travel down to the school, I now live in Gilbert, Az!
    Thanks for everything Redbirds!

    1. Christine Shelton says:

      Would love to find a former classmate, can’t find him anywhere! His name is John Jay Johnson ( not sure if this the correct last name and I haven’t contacted him since after graduation (1999).
      Thank you ISU!
      Christine Shelton

      1. Illinois State Contributor says:

        Christine, you run request information by using the Find a Friend form on the Advancement website: