Magazine column showcases the work of published graduates

Alumni who have had a book released by a publishing house within the past decade are encouraged to send their work to the Illinois State editor for possible inclusion in the Reggie Reads column, which is now an additional online feature of each issue of Illinois State.

JoAnna Stephens Mink ’73, M.S. ’75, D.A. ’85, reviews books by alumni and presents summaries in the column. Once reviewed each book is added to a collection of work by other alums on display in the Alumni Center.

After completing her undergraduate work and two graduate degrees all in English at Illinois State, Mink went on to become an English professor and an author. Literature is her passion, and especially British literature.

Having coedited several books herself, Mink appreciates the effort involved as a writer and editor. She is proud to be involved in acknowledging the work of Redbirds who are successful authors.

Find Reggie Reads online. Submit your book to Susan Blystone at Illinois State Alumni Center, 1101 N. Main Street, Normal, IL 61790. An autographed copy is especially appreciated. Questions can be sent to

4 thoughts on “Are you an author?

  1. Kenneth Janda says:

    This year, I co-authored THE CHALLENGE OF DEMOCRACY: AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IN GLOBAL POLITICS, 11th Ed. Particulars are at the first URL.

    I also published PARTY SYSTEMS AND COUNTRY GOVERNANCE, which is described in the second URL.

    1. Jerry Sylvanus Barry says:

      I sent you, by registered mail, a copy of my first published book: A LETTER TO MY PRODIGAL SON. Please let me know if you have received it.

  2. please correct my url. Sorry.

  3. Norbert Bufka says:

    I have published three books since i retired in 2006.
    A Journey to Peace through Justice, 2007
    Moral Values and Sound Bites, 2009
    From Bohemia to Good Harbor, 2011

    More information is on my website about my latest one but i am not promoting the other two. All are available on Amazon and other online booksellers.

    Norbert Bufka , MA 1965 .