Summer is almost over for us,and as Charles did, I’m looking back my summer.  Personally, it is my favorite season and I’ve enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities, like going to pools with kids, riding a bike, working on my veggie garden etc. Professionally, this is the busiest time for CTLT.  We’ve offered a lot of workshops to faculty  and although I enjoyed doing that,  I feel summer doesn’t provide me with enough time to explore new things. At the beginning of summer, I was hoping to have more time to “play with” my iPad, and think up various educational and productivity uses for academics, but now at the end of summer, I realize that I really did not have time to do that.  However, I identified two categories of apps that I really think it would be useful for any disciplines in higher education.

1. Whiteboard app

I’m very excited to find an app called  “ShowMe.”  The name is my least favorite part of this app, but the app itself is great.  It is a whiteboard program that let you record your voice as you explain something on the whiteboard.   Here’s something I created in 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, our blog doesn’t use embed codes so I couldn’t embed here, but you can embed it in your course or website once it’s created.

Phonetics Lesson

The big problem of this app is that you cannot download the finished recording anywhere.  The recording has to stay on their website (which you can get a embed link or link to the recording).  So, I’m going to explore more and see if we can find a program like ShowMe but allows us to save the end product somewhere else.

2. Concept mapping & mind mapping app

I’m having a real hard time finding a right concept mapping or mind mapping app.  On my computer, I use an online program called “Mindmeister” but their iPad app is about $8.  I may download and test it soon, but at this moment, I’m trying to find a free app. if I can.

I’ve downloaded iBrainstorm, SimpleMind, IdeaSketdch and Total Recall.  I haven’t had a chance to test them fully, but none of them stand out as the app I’d like to recommend to faculty and staff.  So, I’m still on hunt and will share it with you once I find something really exciting.

CTLT is hosting iPad users brown bag lunch events on September 23 and October 21 at noon.  If you’re interested in learning how your colleagues are using iPad, please come join this event.