Illinois State is ranked fifth in the nation as a Peace Corps Master’s International school in the 2011 rankings of Peace Corps’ Master’s International and Fellows/USA Graduate Schools.

Students earn a graduate degree while serving in the Peace Corps. They receive scholarships, academic credit, and stipends to earn an advanced degree after they complete their Peace Corps service. Illinois State is the only university in the state to offer both Peace Corps graduate programs.

The program is administered by the Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development and has been in place since 1997. It offers graduate programs in applied economics, political science, and sociology. The program is managed by Stevenson Center Associate Director Beverly Beyer.

Illinois State had 15 master’s international students serving as Peace Corps volunteers during the spring semester, which is the highest number of ISU students serving abroad at one time. They volunteered around the world in Togo, Panama, Micronesia, and the Kyrgyz Republic, making the University’s Peace Corps graduate program one of the most robust in the country.