Move-in day is always memorable, but it was especially so this year for students settling into Atkin-Colby and Hamilton-Whitten residence halls. This is the last academic year that these residence halls will be occupied. The buildings will be demolished, creating space for Mennonite College of Nursing to expand.

Move images from across campus.

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One thought on “South Campus move-in

  1. Lucinda "Cindi" Colford Runowski says:

    In the Fall of 1967, there were so many women they converted Wright Hall into a women’s dorm and renamed it North Hall. I think these dorms are gone. My roommate from back then, also named Lucinda ( Cindy) and I have been wondering if any of our floormates (5th floor) are out there and what everyone has been doing for the past 44 years! Is it possible you can post this in the Magazine and see if we can reconnect? Neither Cindy nor I graduated from ISU, but we have fond memories of our first year there.

    I married in 1969 and now live in Missouri. Finished my degree at MU in Columbia Mo where I met then graduate student Taye Woldesmite and then years later discovered he went to ISU, saw a story on him in your magazine. We had never made that connection at MU. So surprise! I knew he had been in Ethiopian prison and prayed for him to be released and there he was at ISU. Small world!

    Like I said, I did not graduate from ISU but enjoy reading your publication and remembering all the fun I had my first year away from home and living in a dorm.
    Hope everyone has a great year!
    Cindi Runowski
    PS My friend Cindy lives in Arkansas and substitute teaches there. We both planned on being teachers and she is loving her job (I think she has only been teaching since she moved there several years ago so she is experiencing the life she always wanted). I was an academic adviser at MU and have also owned my own business. Retired now. Hard to believe it was so long ago that we went off to ISU! Cindy and I were best friends in high school and grade school (we knew each other since we were 3 in the same Sunday School.) Sharing the first year of college with her was great. Our HR couldn’t believe we both were named Lucinda and then to be best friends really blew her mind.